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Rich Dorfman, WebFeats CEO, has been working on software patent infringement cases since 2005.
Rich's curriculum vitae appears below.

Areas of expertise for selected clients include the following:

Rich Dorfman CV

I have extensive experience in computer science and, in particular, C-syntax family of languages such
as C, C++, Java, JavaScript and PHP, as a programmer, author, teacher and consultant.


  1. I have been Owner and Sole Proprietor of WebFeats!, a Wisconsin web design, custom programming and network consulting business, since 1995.
  2. I served as Adjunct Professor at Waukesha County Technical College from 1996 to 2006, where I taught courses on web design, HTML, JavaScript, Java, and Enterprise Java. I also taught a 1-month web design class at New College of Florida in 2005, under a grant from the New College Alumni Association.
  3. I served as a reviewer and author of several articles in the peer-reviewed Internet Encyclopedia, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., New York, NY, 2004.
  4. I received grants from the US Department of Education to develop course material on .NET Internationalization (2003) and Java Programming Internationalization (2002).
  5. I've worked on projects for the State of Wisconsin Department of Transportation, including PHP and SQL programming on US 41 Reconstruction Project informational web site (with Knupp & Watson Agency, 2009), and ASP and VisualBasic programming on a third party License Plate Renewal system (with National Financial Corporation, 2006-2011).
  6. Within the state university system, I integrated Linux and Windows platforms to create a single sign-on system for University of Wisconsin-Parkside using C, Perl, TCSH, LDAP, PHP, ASP.NET, HTML and JavaScript programming languages (2008).
  7. I created a stand-alone kiosk database application for the City of Kenosha's natural history museum using PHP, SQL, JavaScript and HTML programming languages (2004).
  8. I've consulted with Fortune 500 companies to create software systems written in C, C++, Java and Enterprise Java programming languages, most recently for GE Healthcare in 2011.
  9. I've researched and written reports on software patent infringement cases since 2005.