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Custom Programming
WebFeats! develops dynamic, database-driven, browser-based applications for the Enterprise using leading Windows and Unix operating systems and servers. The following corporate clients are recent users of our consulting services.

System analysis and programming to provide unified account creation and synchronization among Linux user account, Microsoft Live email account and LDAP registry. CGIs written in C and Perl, TCSH scripting, LDAP, PHP, ASP.NET, HTML, JavaScript.

Created unique kiosk application that lets donors "Own a Stone" in the museum's glacial till wall.

Produced complete, interactive web-based training tutorials for Sun Solaris-based Revolution XQ/i Digital Radiographic Imaging and Senographe 2000 D Digital Mammography Systems.

Worked with K-W, a Madison-based strategic communications agency, on US 41 reconstruction and Overture Center sites.

Maintained and extended Wisconsin Dept of Transportation 3rd-party license plate renewal program and maintained check cashing application. ASP, .NET, FoxPro, SQL Server 2003.

Developed Intranet site using Win2k / IIS5 / Oracle8i / ASP3 / WebDav technology that enabled non-technical employees to share and update information across the Enterprise using familiar Microsoft Word.